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A set of wooden knives, forks and spoons


      Wood products are very common in our daily life, and many of the tables, stools, beds and other products we use are wood products.

      (1) The production line processing of Huike must set up a closed shed in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by noise and dust. Fire fighting equipment should be set up near the shed to prevent fire.

      (2) For wood and other raw materials, they must be processed intensively and used reasonably, so that the long material is not short and the good material is not inferior. The materials used should be purchased and replenished according to the construction schedule.

      (3) During the processing of the production line produced by Huike, dust control measures shall be taken, and sawdust and shavings generated during operation shall be timely cleaned and transported to the designated place, so as to keep the working surface clean and reduce fire hazards. After processing, reusable wood shall be classified and put into proper use to save resources.

      (4) Processed disposable wooden tableware finished products and semi-finished products shall be timely put into storage and properly kept, with rainproof and moisture-proof measures to prevent deformation of materials and waste of resources, and materials collection procedures shall be established to reduce consumption and ensure the realization of planned material goals.

      Huike solve the small batch order buyers face the high price, long production cycle, production line to the small batch order not enough attention, product quality control is not strict, orders need fixed personnel merchandiser, quality inspection caused by the waste of human resources and so on, huike for small batch order buyers is a good choice. The buyer only needs to submit the demand, can customize the batch production, everything else by Kwai Pu to help you complete, you just need to sit and wait for the receipt.

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