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Why do Koreans use


      As the saying goes: "saying" claims, and when we eat at ordinary times, without using chopsticks, but in China, and Japan, everyone is widely used to the use of wooden chopsticks, but in Korea, but they were accustomed to using l chopsticks, use more stainless steel chopsticks, why South Korea people like to use l chopsticks, don't they too heavy? Which is better, wooden chopsticks or l ones?

      Whether we go to A Korean restaurant or watch a Korean TV series, we can see that they all use the same l cutlery. Chopsticks, spoons and even cups are all made of l. We used wooden chopsticks, the use of l chopsticks again will be very not accustomed to, because of the heavy l chopsticks pick up not only, more effort, and food is also very inconvenient, it is easy to slide, and wooden chopsticks light not only, but also have a certain non-slip effect, then why do koreans chose to use the tableware of made of l?

      In fact, the south Korean people like to use l utensils should speak of from two aspects, first, the resources, because the demand for wood in the wooden chopsticks will increase, and the service life of the wooden chopsticks than shorter service life of the l chopsticks, for reasons of saving resource, south koreans besides chopsticks can use l texture, including other tableware, such as spoons, cups, can choose the material of l texture.

      Second, eating habits, another reason koreans are used to using llic cutlery, is to start with eating habits. Most Koreans eat pickled kimchi, which has a flat and strip shape, so l chopsticks don't slide off and are easy to clean and don't get smelly. Kimchi is easy to smell on wooden chopsticks. It is not easy to clean. Over time, it will breed bacteria and rot. In addition, Korean people prefer to eat barbecue, with wooden tableware eating barbecue is very flammable unsafe, and l tableware eating barbecue, there is no such concern. Therefore, koreans' preference for l cutlery is closely related to their eating habits of kimchi and barbecue.

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